Belize ElectionBox
Version 2012

Key Features

Manage all your data on voters for Campaigning, Election Day and Post Election

  • User Friendly Interface and on-line help
  • Low cost and reliable
  • Optional Customization is available
  • Sort and filter Voters Data by Name, Birth date, Registration #, Street and more
  • Print Voters List in a variety of formats, sorted and filtered to your specifications
  • Build your own customized reports
  • Enhance your Voters List by attaching a Status, Party, Phone, Email and more
  • Get Statistics by Age, Street, Status, Party and more
  • Store, Retrieve and Print Transactions for each voter. For example: Store a transaction for each voter that requests transportation to the polls. On Election Day, you can then print this list organized by street for maximum efficiency.
  • Use Transactions to keep data on the physical, human and other resources of the voters on your list.
  • Use Transactions to keep data on the offerings and the requests of the voters on your list
  • Conveniently update you list from the Monthly Supplementary lists
  • You will not lose your additional data when updating from a supplementary list.
  • Updating your list is simple and automated
  • No more need to carry around Supplementary Lists
  • This is your All-In-One Voters Data management system


For More Information Please Contact:
Toledo’s Institute of Productivity
Call: 660-7429


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